Wedding car hire guide

Wedding car hire in London

Expert wedding car hire advice from London based Kruuz Chauffeur services

One of the biggest decisions one has to make is on the choice of transport for the bride and groom. There are many wonderful options available just to list few

  • Horse and carriage
  • Helicopter - depending on locations
  • Classic wedding cars
  • Limousines
  • Modern wedding cars


The traditional horse and carriage is an impressive choice, but does have its drawbacks. Horse drawn carriages are limited to the amount of distance they may travel, at regular intervals the horses need feeding and their call of nature occurs at random intervals, which isn't a very pleasant site (nor smell).

Arriving at the wedding in a helicopter is perfect for the thrill seeking high fliers, as long as the venue has landing permission. Helicopter hire can actually cost you less than the hire of a top end luxury car, but may make the whole day very complicated with all the procedures involved, after all, the helicopter cannot pick you up and drop you off from anywhere.

Pristine classic wedding cars are absolutley beautiful in the right colours, predominantly white. Classic cars have character and class. Due to the age of these vehicles certain restrictions will apply, such as how far the cars are willing to travel on the wedding day. For longer journeys classic wedding cars may not be comfortable or safe as modern cars.

Hummer limousines, Towncar limousines to Chrysler limousines. Limos are a great choice for passenger ferrying at weddings. Upto 16 passengers can be accomodated at a time, so the party can start on the way to the venue

The Rolls Royce Phantom or the Bentley Arnage are the ultimate modern wedding vehicles. Hand crafted vehicles made in Crewe, England. With prices tags highers than the price of an average house in the UK, these vehicles are like luxury sofas on wheels in a plush surrounding. Outstanding saftey features such run-flat tyres leave very little to chance. The Rolls Royce Phantom wedding car hire may not be within the budget for all but do consider the New Mercedes S Class wedding car, extereme modern luxury at a great rate.

Before you rush out and pay down a deposit, make sure you have considered the following questions

Have you seen the exact vehicles being offered ?

Are the colours right? (A lot of companies say grey and silver are the same colours!)

Are you having to pay the full amount upfront?

Are you dealing with brokers or middle men?