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Go Phantom for your wedding

Arrive in a Rolls Royce Phantom for your wedding

The interior of our silver Phantom car for hire .

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Silver Rolls Royce Phantom

Silver Rolls Royce PhantomSilver Rolls Royce PhantomSilver Rolls Royce Phantom

Go in style, go Phantom. To ensure the Rolls Royce Phantom was as silent as possible, both outside, to foster an impression of silent power, and inside, to help create a uniquely hushed ambience, was a major objective for the Rolls Royce Phantom engineers.

In order to achieve the required silence, special ‘whisper-valves’ have been fitted in the exhaust system, making the Rolls Royce Phantom almost completely silent when stationary and when moving away from a standstill.

The ultra-rigid aluminium spaceframe of the Rolls Royce Phantom plays an important role in preventing odd rattles and squeaks, while extensive use of sound-deadening materials around the Phantom’s frame absorbs the minor engine noise there is.

To isolate occupants from wind noise the side windows feature laminated acoustic glass, while a double bulkhead separates the engine bay from the passenger compartment, and the Phantom’s double floor has a similar silencing effect on road noise.

Go Phantom and you will be amazed at its phantom like drive aswell as the phantom like silence.

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