Silver Phantom hire

Silver Rolls Royce Phantom wedding hire

Hire a silver Rolls Royce Phantom for your wedding from Kruuz

One of our silver phantoms for wedding hire, dressed in a ribbon

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Silver Rolls Royce Phantom

Silver Rolls Royce PhantomSilver Rolls Royce PhantomSilver Rolls Royce Phantom

The silver Rolls Royce Phantom is an ideal wedding car. The Rolls Royce Phantom looks amazing with or without ribbons, we provide ribbons in various colours to suit your wedding day. Tell us what colour ribbon you would like and we will be glad to provide.

The product of Rolls Royce's flawless surface finishing
process, every Phantom has a total of 5 layers of primer,
paint and high-gloss clear coat for an unrivalled shine
and depth of colour.

We welcome you to come and view our silver Rolls Royce Phantom, so you can see the magnificance of the silver phantom wedding car for yourself.

Rolls Royce use state-of-the-art robots in two dust-free 'clean rooms' to apply the paint, as they minimise wastage and achieve a more consistent finish than humanly possible. However, we rely on our highly-skilled paint associates to spray those areas of the body the robots can't reach, and to complete those tasks that require human dexterity and judgement, such as ensuring scrupulously cleaning the bodies between coats, inspecting the final finish for the most minute imperfections, and polishing the paintwork to a flawless mirror finish.

There are 13 standard paint colours, but this number rises to some 44,000 different hues if you enlist the services of Rolls Royce's bespoke team. It is also possible to have a Rolls Royce Phantom painted in a variety of two-tone colour schemes, where the top surface - bonnet, roof and boot - or sides are painted in a tone that contrasts or complements the main body colour.